Sixth Coalition Email

September 25, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

This is the 6th email sent to those in the U.S. thought to have interest in freshwater harmful algal blooms (FHABs) by Drs. Ken Hudnell and Wayne Carmichael. As of today, over 550 people have joined our informal coalition to support the introduction and enactment of the proposed Freshwater Harmful Algal Bloom Research & Control Act of 2010 (FHAB Act). Passage is needed to protect human and animal health, aquatic ecosystems and our economy, and help ensure a sustainable supply of usable freshwater.

This website is transitioning to champion the legislative needs for all harmful algal bloom (HAB) research and control. Dr. Don Anderson, who long championed legislation needs for coastal harmful algal bloom research, joins us in championing the legislative needs for all HAB research. Just as Congress deems it appropriate to fold the FHAB Act into the reauthorization of the Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research & Control Act (HABHRCA) to unite freshwater and coastal legislative needs, this website now champions legislation needed to understand and control HABs in all our Nation’s waters. In accordance, this website’s URL is changing to http://www.HABlegislation.com, although the original URL will continue to function.

Dr. Anderson is sending this email to members of the coastal HAB community. Please join me in welcoming our colleagues in the coastal HAB community. All members of the coastal HAB community are invited to join our informal coalition and receive future legislative updates by Email. To join our coalition, visit our website, click the “join Email list” button, and enter your name, Email address and state of residence.

Kat Hazlewood, the lead staffer from the Senate Commerce Committee responsible for HABHRCA, provided an update last Thursday. She said they are cautiously confident that they can bring HABHRCA to the Senate floor for a vote during this congressional session. Although there is no serious opposition to HABHRCA, getting anything through the Senate seems difficult now. They are meeting with House staffers to iron out differences between the two bills. They support the EPA mandate contained in the House’s version of HABHRCA that passed last March, and are getting support from the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee who has jurisdiction over the EPA, whereas the Commerce Committee does not.

You can learn more by visiting our newly revised website - http://www.HABlegislation.com or our Twitter page. In addition to a new front page, considerable new materials have been added for download that we hope you will find useful.

This email list will be used only infrequently. The addresses are in the blind copy address field to ensure that they will not be used for other purposes.

The effort to enact the FHAB Act, and now HABHRCA, and the views expressed here are personal and not those of any organization.

Thank you for supporting the FHAB Act, and now HABHRCA.